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Who We Are
Hacco, Inc. is a diverse and modern formulation facility specializing in contract and private label formulation and packaging of rodenticides and other bait formulations (to include packaging as small as 25 gram). We also have the capability to formulate liquid products and can package into containers as small as four (4) ounces. We are a basic technical registrant and a finished goods registrant. We can formulate and package your product, you can subregister one of our products, or we can help you develop and register your own product. Our facility includes an R&D lab, a quality control laboratory, a GLP chemistry lab, a GLP rodent efficacy lab and an EPA registration department. We will also supply you with technical or concentrates for your own use. We are a supplier to most of the rodenticide industry.
Available Formulations
• Pellets
• Meal Bait
• Cooking Extrusion
• Cold Extruded Wax Blocks
• Non-Wax Cold Extruders
• Water-Based Liquids
• Solvent-Based Liquids
Packaging Machinery
• Liquid Fillers
• Induction Heat Sealers
• Automatic Cappers
• Pressure Sensitive Labelers
• Ink Jet Printers
• Vertical Form-Fill-Seal
• Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal
• Shrink Wrappers
• Vertical Cartoners
• Horizontal Cartons

General Rodenticide & Rodent Control Information
The following methods can never be stressed too much, and will help you keep your home safe from rats and mice:

Keep your home clean

Keep all food, water and garbage in metal or thick plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

Never leave pet food and water out overnight.

Wash dishes and utensils and clean spilled food from counters and floors immediately.

Dispose of trash and clutter.

Safety precautions
Eliminate possible rodent nesting sites such as junk cars, old tires and trash piles. Cut grass, brush and dense shrubbery within 100 feet of the home.

Control rodents inside your home
You can prevent rodents from entering your home by stuffing steel wool or concrete in holes larger than one-quarter inch in diameter. Mice can fit through space the size of a dime. Placing three inches of gravel under the base of homes or under mobile homes also discourages rodent burrowing. And placing metal roof flashing around the base wooden, earthen or adobe dwelling acts as a rodent barrier.

Using Spring-loaded (snap) rodent traps in the home continuously. Traps designed with a cover are particularly effective as they minimize contact with the dead rodent.

As a supplement to traps, EPA-approved rodenticides such as bait pellets, on an ongoing basis inside the house. Ideal places for baits and traps are dark corners such as behind the stove, washer and dryer, and refrigerator and close to walls. Check bait every few days to see if they need replacing. Remember that in some parts of the country, rodent fleas may carry plague. In these areas, use insecticides prior to trapping or baiting to control fleas that may transmit disease when they leave the dead rodent.

Remember to keep baits and traps out of the reach of children and pets.

Control rodents outside your home
Natural predators such as hawks, snakes and coyotes help control the rodent population naturally. But snap traps and bait should be used inside barns and sheds, remembering to keep all rodenticides safely out of the reach of children and animals.

You should also relocate woodpiles, vegetable gardens, trash cans and animal feed to at least 100 feet from the house. Hay bales, woodpiles and trash cans should sit at least 12 inches off the ground.

Contact Us
Hacco, Inc.
Product Information & Registration
(MSDS & label information)
Phone: 920-326-2461
or e-mail jklika@neogen.com

Technical & Private Label Sales
Greg Hastings
Phone: 800-621-8829
or e-mail inquiries to ghastings@neogen.com

Hacco, Inc. Manufacturing Plant
Phone: 920-326-5141
Fax: 920-326-5135 or e-mail ryaroch@neogen.com

For medical emergencies related to Hacco/Haco products, call 1-800-498-5743

For chemical spills, call 800/424-9300 (CHEMTREC)

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